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Event Preview: Tahiti Pro

Slater threading a Tahitian beast in 2014

With J-Bay a distant memory, and the putrid taste of Huntington still souring our collective mouths, it’s pretty easy to get excited about Teahupo’o. It will be interesting to see how the tour elite handle going left, especially when it’s double-overhead and 1′ deep. Traditionally, Tahiti is where the world title picture starts coming into … Read more

2019 Fantasy Surfing Preview

So, we’re here. The new WSL season is upon us. Before we dive in for another 9 months of pro surfing across 8 countries and 770 heats (men and women), we thought it might be worth covering the various changes that 2019 will bring. Fantasy Of course we’re opening with this. If you played FSS … Read more

Contest Analysis – Tahiti Pro 2016

We just want to dedicate this piece to the life and legacy of the legend that was Midget Farrelly, the first champion of Australian professional surfing (and so much more). Who doesn’t love a Tahiti contest? And with Medina and John John breathing down Wilko’s yellow-jersey’d neck, it’s got the makings of a great event. … Read more

Notes From the Line-Up – Tahiti

We are so stoked to have Hira Teriinatoofa as our guest for the Tahiti version of Notes From the Line-Up. He is such a humble and modest guy, it’s easy to forget that he charges Teahupo’o on days when few others would consider leaving the channel. A former quarterfinalist at this event, we thought Hira … Read more

Special Feature – an interview with The Badger

We run through the numbers every contest. We make our projections. We post teams. We hope like everyone else that our 8 selections won’t crash and burn. The thing is, we don’t seem to be winning much. I mean, we do OK; we’re ranked in the top 25% of all teams overall in the WSL … Read more

Tahiti Sortable Data

Below you will find a selection of sortable data to manipulate while selecting your Tahiti team. This data takes the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the projections. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by … Read more

Tahiti Pro Fantasy Outlooks

HEY!  Don’t just read our Outlooks,  take a gander at our stats,  too!  It’s what we’re famous for:  Tahiti Conditions AHS Table / Fantasy Surfer Points/$ Values Table   INJURY UPDATE: 11 August, 2015 – Jordy Smith and Matt Banting have finally made their withdrawals official.  We don’t want to say we knew 100% neither would … Read more