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Men’s Portugal Recap

Wow,  the Moche Rip Curl Pro was intense!  We saw some very unexpected results with ratings leaders Mick Fanning and Adriano de Souza eliminated in R3,  Julian Wilson and Owen Wright out even earlier in R2 and Gabriel Medina unable to capitalize with a QF loss (moving up only one spot).  The biggest jumps were … Read more

Oi Rio Pro Men’s/Women’s Conditions AHS

Here’ s some conditional AHS the CT may find themselves in at the Oi Rio Pro in 2015, and don’t miss the Women’s Tab.  As always, we’ll be back up with some advice and a recap on how we did for Margaret River within the week, so keep checking back.  Now research away, ya data-heads! [table id=132 … Read more

Oi Rio Pro Fantasy Surfer Points/$ Tables

Here’s our Fantasy Surfer projected points per dollar value tables.  Our projection model seems to like Filipe Toledo and Sage Erickson a whole lot.  But we’ll be posting some thoughts in the next week about picks.  Sage would be showing a huge payoff if she moves into R4, but we’ll dive into why that just might … Read more