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2019 Fantasy Surfing Preview

So, we’re here. The new WSL season is upon us. Before we dive in for another 9 months of pro surfing across 8 countries and 770 heats (men and women), we thought it might be worth covering the various changes that 2019 will bring. Fantasy Of course we’re opening with this. If you played FSS … Read more

Notes From the Line-Up – Rio

As the picture above implies, the tour is no longer being held at heaving West-Australian reef breaks. Our new destination – Grumari, Brazil – brings with it a new set of conditions and a fresh slate for surfers to prove themselves. We spoke to the founder of Fantasy Surfing Tips and Brazilian local Francisco Pimentel … Read more

Injury Update – Oi Rio Pro

Kelly Slater – OUT Slater doesn’t need a reason, but here goes: because he’s down on form, doesn’t like the contest at the best of times, the forecast sucks and he has a world-class wave pool at his disposal. Does anyone blame him? Replaced by TBA Joel Parkison – OUT No reason given. Is he … Read more

Oi Rio Pro Sortable Data

Here are the numbers for the Oi Rio Pro. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to wade your way through the selection process. These data projections take the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the overall projected scores. Many … Read more

Oi Rio Pro Men’s/Women’s Conditions AHS

Here’ s some conditional AHS the CT may find themselves in at the Oi Rio Pro in 2015, and don’t miss the Women’s Tab.  As always, we’ll be back up with some advice and a recap on how we did for Margaret River within the week, so keep checking back.  Now research away, ya data-heads! [table id=132 … Read more