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Event Preview: J-Bay

How are you travelling at the all-but-halfway point in the season? Fantasy wise, that is. I don’t mean that hollow sensation growing deep within your soul that reminds you that you’re nearly 40 and still dedicating far too much time to fantasy sports. No? Just me? Anyway, how is your team looking? Were you riding … Read more

Contest Preview – JBay Open 2017

Image: Gabe attempting some mid-heat spray intimidation against Slater in 2015 (Kelly won the quarter-final) Fiji feels like a season ago, no? JBay is a world away from tropical Fiji, a fact which the the stats reflect quite clearly. Let’s don the neoprene, stretch the quads and test our mettle against the wild southern point-break. … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – JBay Open 2016

JBay 2016: Florence and The Machine We’ve been ‘away’ from the surf-stats desks lately, travelling, catching some winter swells and watching a lot of contests on mobile devices. We’ll keep it short this time, but here’s the wash-up from JBay: • Mick is a machine. Never mind the busted ankle, unresolved shark issues, supposedly more … Read more

Notes From The Line Up – JBay

J-Bay by Paul Van Jaarsveld

In this episode of Notes From The Line Up we talk with local Paul Van Jaarsveld, photographer, artist, surfer, spear-fisher, life-rescuer, multimedia tweaker and Great White Shark dodger to get a new perspective on your fantasy prospectives, read on… Paul, first and foremost: how good is J-Bay, really? Haha, I live here for a reason. … Read more

JBay Sortable Data

Below you will find a selection of sortable data to manipulate while selecting your JBay team. This data takes the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the projections. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by … Read more

J-Bay Fantasy Outlook and Projections Tables

**John John Florence has withdrawn from the J-Bay Open, replaced by Tomas Hermes and affecting the Heat Draw – New Draw (With Tiers Highlighted)    Injury News for J-Bay and the Fantasy Outlooks Tabs down below.  Enjoy! Injuries Update – 10 July, 2o15 Matt Banting (OUT) – Knee:  10 July, 2015 – Matt Banting is the latest to go … Read more