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By the Numbers – GC Review

With a great contest wrecked by a lame ending, we only place certainty in the fact that he who pays the piper calls the tune. – Longtom I was surfing D-Bah (yesterday) and it was pumping but whatever. – Gabriel Medina, on the WSL’s Sunday ‘postponements’ Look; I’m not wasting your time or mine in … Read more

Event Preview: Gold Coast

I say it every year, but how good is it to have the new season upon us? In 2019, John John and Kelly have more questions than answers over their heads, Julian, Italo and Filipe are looking to break through for a maiden championship, rookies are looking for validation or glory, return surfers seeking retribution, … Read more

2019 Fantasy Surfing Preview

So, we’re here. The new WSL season is upon us. Before we dive in for another 9 months of pro surfing across 8 countries and 770 heats (men and women), we thought it might be worth covering the various changes that 2019 will bring. Fantasy Of course we’re opening with this. If you played FSS … Read more

Fantasy Surf Sessions – An Update

While most of the tour have spent their off-season chasing waves, chasing tail, or chasing a productive training schedule, we’ve been working hard on our site over at Fantasy Surf Sessions.

Contest Wash-Up – QuikPro GC 2018

Contest Wash-Up I’ve learned a lot about myself at this event and through this injury and the birth of my baby girl Olivia. Honestly, watching the birth of my first child gave me unbelievable strength to just suck it up, come down here and do what I needed to do. – Julian Wilson Julian Wilson … Read more

Contest Preview – QuikPro GC 2018

A lot has changed in the 12 months since I last wrote this contest preview: we have a CEO (hello Sophie; I know you’re reading); contests in wave pools have become a thing; the WSL is planning to forgo a Pipe showdown in order to run a boat-trip grand final; and Willian Cardoso qualified to … Read more

Contest Metrics – QuikPro GC 2018

Welcome back. I may not have a brand new fantasy game ready to go for the first event of the year (dammit), but I still have plenty of stats. In fact, I have back-logged all of the 2013 season into my databases so that all of the data and projections now draw from 5 full … Read more

Injuries/Wildcards – GC 2018

It’s a box-fresh season and already there’s whispered drama surrounding the final make-up of surfers for R1 at the QuikPro Gold Coast:   Kelly Slater – IN We’ve heard it told that Kelly’s foot still has some healing to go before he’s 100%. I’ve even heard that he has had another minor surgery recently to … Read more

Update: Fantasy Surf Sessions

At the end of the 2017 season, we promised you a brand new season with a brand new fantasy game. A better game. A game run by me. Now, with less than a week until the new season, you’re probably wondering what the hell happened. Fair enough, too. It turns out that building a brand … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – France 2017

There’s this pervasive philosophy within pro surfing right now that, to win a world title, it’s necessary to ‘surf at 70%’, but I call bullshit. John John buried that approach at Margaret River. Filipe delivered the eulogy in South Africa. Guys like Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson and Jack Freestone have each been mesmerised by the … Read more