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2019 Fantasy Surfing Preview

So, we’re here. The new WSL season is upon us. Before we dive in for another 9 months of pro surfing across 8 countries and 770 heats (men and women), we thought it might be worth covering the various changes that 2019 will bring. Fantasy Of course we’re opening with this. If you played FSS … Read more

The Wash-up – Bells 2018

  Contest Wash-Up Julian who? The Gold Coast seems like a lifetime ago. Maybe time went so slowly because the first few rounds were so pedestrian. I was growing weary of the 2-hits-out-the-back, 3-cutbacks-through-the-trough, safety-tag-the-end-section Bells bowl monotony. Nobody seemed inspired enough to take the contest by the balls. It was almost as if everyone … Read more

Contest Preview – Bells 2018

Mick Fanning. That’s almost the beginning and end of the preview for this event. Whoever wins it will be one of the few who can ignore the distraction of Mick’s retirement, whoever knocks him out of the contest will be the eternal villain, and if Mick takes the whole thing out, Torquay will be bedlam. … Read more

Contest Metrics – Bells 2018

We have included the data for both Mason Ho and Jacob Wilcox in case they are added to the draw. All of our our ‘career’ average heat score and win % statistics are taken from 2013-2018 WSL contest seasons. They do not reflect the entire careers of surfers who have been on tour longer than … Read more

Injuries/Wildcards – Bells 2018

The seeding is all over the place after some of the upsets at the Gold Coast. Let’s look at the R1 possibilities for yet another historic Bells contest: Kelly Slater – OUT 30% of WSL fantasy teams had the GOAT in their team. Despite the warnings we gave. Kelly has given plenty of notice to … Read more

Contest Preview (lite) – Bells 2017

Ok, who had JJF last event? It’s hard to think of any other surfer coming into Bells, but you need a team of 8 so let’s get cracking… Conditions Coastalwatch were kind enough to fill the void left by the WSL’s forecasting department by dropping this excellent piece detailing all of the various breaks on … Read more

Data and Projections – Bells 2017

These projections and statistics use the 2014-2017 contest data. 2017 rookies include some data from previous WSL events where applicable and some data from the 2016 WQS. This means that they have much less reliable modelling and have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by their small sample size. Many also have … Read more

Injury & Wildcard Updates – Bells 2017

Here’s the latest regarding the upcoming Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Italo Ferreira – OUT Italo’s ankle injury saw him sit out Margaret River contest, and the reports at the time claimed that he would miss Bells. Our info is that he has gone back to Brazil to receive rehab and is aiming to return … Read more

Contest Wash-Up: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

In 1999, modern-day big-wave charger Shane Dorian held the famous Bell aloft and uttered the now-famous phrase “no kook has ever won Bells”. For me, this quote raises more questions than answers: was he was implying that the venue is guaranteed to sort the men from the boys? Was he suggesting that other venues somehow … Read more

Contest Analysis – Bells Beach 2016

We’ve cut it a little fine, with less than 36 hours until the Bells waiting period, but all of the wildcards/replacements have been announced and an updated forecast is in the bag; it’s time to ring this fantasy Bell… Conditions Analysing the conditions means having one eye on the forecast; will surfers be heaving Olympic … Read more