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Preview: J-Bay Pro 2018

For this year’s J-Bay event, we’re trying a new format of delivery. The hope is to make your contest preparations a little more streamlined by putting everything in one place. Sure, it means that the full preview will be have to be completed in stages as the information becomes available, but it also means that … Read more

Pipe / Season Wash-Up 2017

Preamble In case you haven’t read the past few articles, Surf-stats will soon merge to become a part of a larger fantasy surfing site, fantasy surf sessions. All of our stats and analysis will be there, as well as the best fantasy game available. We’re in the process of building the site right now, but … Read more

Contest Preview – Pipe 2017

Before I kick off, I want to give a shout-out to Matt Warshaw’s Encyclopedia of Surfing. It’s at risk of being lost due to a lack of income, and it would be a dark day for surfing if that came to be. If you don’t know what the EoS is, then let me give you … Read more

Contest Metrics – Pipe 2017

Why, hello there fellow stats fans, It’s been a while, no? We kinda dropped off the face of the Earth there for a while, disappearing like Filipe’s Sunset campaign. We’ve been busy though, just not on this site (unfortunately). The big news for fantasy surfing and stats fans is that Surf-Stats is branching out. We … Read more

Injuries and Wildcards – Pipe 2017

Kelly Slater – IN We’ve said it since J-Bay; Pipe is where we’ll likely see him return. Some called for an 11th-hour entry at Portugal, but they were wrong. Pipe is the biggest stage in surfing, and Kelly loves a spectacle. Will the come-back event prove a successful one? That’s between him and the fates, … Read more

Preview – Portugal 2017

Have you had time to catch your breath? The dust has only just settled on the QuikPro France, and yet Portugal is already building momentum. Are you in the running for anything fantasy-wise? Maybe some beers or dollars at your clubhouse friends’ expense? Maybe the whole shebang? Portugal is where the world title picture really … Read more

Contest Metrics – Portugal 2017

Our heat score projections and stats are taken from 2014-2017 WSL contest data. Some 2017 rookies include data from previous WSL events, but many do not have relevant results in significant categories, including data for this particular venue. Their modelling is much less reliable and they may have skewed projections due to their averages being … Read more

Injuries and Wildcards – Portugal 2017

Kelly Slater – OUT injured Surfer/Beachgrit said he was in, Surfline claimed he was out. Everyone else was unsure. He’s not in the draw, so the WSL have settled the debate.   Nat Young – IN as injury replacement Nat got a handy 9th in France and jumped 4 places up to 29th. He could … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – France 2017

There’s this pervasive philosophy within pro surfing right now that, to win a world title, it’s necessary to ‘surf at 70%’, but I call bullshit. John John buried that approach at Margaret River. Filipe delivered the eulogy in South Africa. Guys like Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson and Jack Freestone have each been mesmerised by the … Read more

Contest Preview – France 2017

Where were we? The Trestles event was eclipsed by a wave pool, Wilko’s wheels fell off (again), Filipe dominated, while Jordy and John established their leads. Are we all caught up now? Good. Let’s set our focus to Europe. Conditions Surfline have dipped their toes in the water with a decent overview of the contest, … Read more