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2015 Rookie Preview: Ricardo Christie (NZL)

Ricardo Christie - NZL, R                  Rank:  32             Proj: 31

Here's a guy with no CT experience, not even as a WC, and he's never won a QS. So what's he doing in the top crop?   Well, Christie cleaned house in the 2014 MQS as best you can without a win.  He posted 39 heats over 12 events for a sub-average 3.25 REA and 477.04 TFP, but held up an impressive 15.9 AHS over that stretch. With no FA and a sluggish 7 QSF, though, it's tough to see Ricardo faring better than 30th overall this year.

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2015 Rookie Preview: Wiggolly Dantas (BRA)

Wiggolly Dantas - BRA, G                 Rank:  24              Proj: 13

Officially welcomed to the show this year is Wiggolly Dantas, a member of the new Brazilian generation aimed at staking their claim among the elite.  Like the other meninos on tour, Dantas is well rounded and suited for any conditions, capable of dropping big points from the air or behind the curtain.

Last year, Wiggolly shred through the QS, notching a 3.92 REA in 51 heats for 556.07 TFP.

Full2015 Rookie Preview: Wiggolly Dantas (BRA)