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Bells Round 2 Update

They surfed R2 in that?  Must be a very daunting forecast….. Men’s R2 Well Mick and Adriano got through to R3 as expected.  De Souza grabbing the R2 win with a little bit of suspense at the end there, but just a karma payback for Brett Simpson stealing his R1. … Full

Rip Curl Bells Beach R1 Update

TRUST IN SURF-STATS! Well, we said a lot of things, and while for some of them we wait to see the outcome, others panned out beautifully in R1 of the Men’s and Women’s Bells. In our Men’s WSL Fantasy Surfing write-ups, we gave you Tier A as Mick Fanning and … Full

Fantasy Surfer Pricing and Points Per $ Values

If you need a hand selecting your lineup on Fantasy Surfer for Bells Beach, look no further! Here’s a sortable table that let’s you look at our projections alongside Fantasy Surfer’s pricing, and a Points Per Dollar column that shows you projected value.  For both Men’s and Women’s of course… … Full

Just for Fun

Warning – Nothing to do With Stats!  It’s just so adorable we had to put it up. Take a quick break from crunching your numbers to enjoy this story about a sea lion pup that broke on NBC San Diego yesterday. Dan Murphy (pictured with his new friend) thought he … Full