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Contest Wash-Up: Oi Rio Pro

“I’m not going to lie; that was a lot of hard work” – 2016 Rio women’s champion, Tyler Wright. Was she talking about winning her third event for the season? Or was she referring to the effort required by surfing fans to stay interested in the Rio Pro? I’m not … Full

Contest Analysis – Rio 2016

Does anyone remember a time when the Brazilian CT event was held later in the year; wedged between the fickle Mudaka contest and the deservedly hyped Triple Crown circus? Back then, there was a period in his career when Slater would avoid the Brazilian leg if he believed that he … Full

Notas de um Surfista do Pico

SS: Fale um pouco sobre você FP: Fala galera, meu nome é Francisco Pimentel, sou cientista da computação, de recife e tenho o surf como esporte favorito para praticar e acompanhar. Gosto de buscar dados dos surfistas online para alimentar meus programas de computador e prever os surfistas que irão … Full

Notes From the Line-Up – Rio

As the picture above implies, the tour is no longer being held at heaving West-Australian reef breaks. Our new destination – Grumari, Brazil – brings with it a new set of conditions and a fresh slate for surfers to prove themselves. We spoke to the founder of Fantasy Surfing Tips … Full

Margaret River Sortable Data

Here are the updated numbers for the Margaret River Pro. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to wade your way through the selection process. We stress (again) that our 2016 data projections only take the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and, with … Full

Contest Analysis – Bells Beach 2016

We’ve cut it a little fine, with less than 36 hours until the Bells waiting period, but all of the wildcards/replacements have been announced and an updated forecast is in the bag; it’s time to ring this fantasy Bell… Conditions Analysing the conditions means having one eye on the forecast; … Full

Bells Beach Sortable Data

Bells is only days away and, with the QuikPro a distant (and, for some of us, painful) memory, it’s a great opportunity to tweak those teams into something resembling more Sci-Phi than Banana Board. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to … Full