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Contest Wash-Up – JBay Open 2016

JBay 2016: Florence and The Machine We’ve been ‘away’ from the surf-stats desks lately, travelling, catching some winter swells and watching a lot of contests on mobile devices. We’ll keep it short this time, but here’s the wash-up from JBay: • Mick is a machine. Never mind the busted ankle, … Full

J-Bay by Paul Van Jaarsveld

Notes From The Line Up – JBay

In this episode of Notes From The Line Up we talk with local Paul Van Jaarsveld, photographer, artist, surfer, spear-fisher, life-rescuer, multimedia tweaker and Great White Shark dodger to get a new perspective on your fantasy prospectives, read on… Paul, first and foremost: how good is J-Bay, really? Haha, I … Full

Injury Update – J-Bay Open

Here is the wildcard and injury replacement info for the WSL Mens J-Bay Open 2016 (6-17th July) Owen Wright & Bede Durbidge – OUT Both still out for another event, and still being replaced by Stu Kennedy and Sebastien Zietz. Both Stu and Seabass have had moments to shine during … Full

Contest Analysis – JBay 2016

Wilko makes a statement, Slater finds some form, Mick returns to South African waters and it’s cold, so damned cold. Let’s pull in to JBay… Conditions There are a few key sections to the Jeffreys Bay point, described briefly by the WSL here and in greater detail by Shaun Tomson … Full

JBay Sortable Data

Below you will find a selection of sortable data to manipulate while selecting your JBay team. This data takes the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the projections. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their … Full

Contest Analysis – Fiji 2016

Fiji can’t come soon enough. Seeing those gorgeous waves being torn apart by the women this week has truly whet our appetite for clear, warm water, heaving barrels and elite surfing. Conditions There are two options for the Fiji contest; Restaurants and Cloudbreak. If you want a concise-yet-knowledgeable break-down of … Full

Notes From the Line-Up – Fiji

We’ve outdone ourselves with our Notes from the Line-up guest this contest: Stuart Johnson has lived and surfed in Fiji since 2010, working for the FijiSurfCo as a full-time photographer, life guard and boat man – taking hundreds of pros and Joes alike to catch the waves of their life … Full

Fiji Pro Sortable Data

Here are the projected values for the Fiji Pro. Below you will find more than enough data to manipulate in order to tweak your team through the selection process. These data projections take the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to current 2016 form within the context … Full

Contest Wash-Up: Oi Rio Pro

“I’m not going to lie; that was a lot of hard work” – 2016 Rio women’s champion, Tyler Wright. Was she talking about winning her third event for the season? Or was she referring to the effort required by surfing fans to stay interested in the Rio Pro? I’m not … Full