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Contest Analysis – Bells Beach 2016

We’ve cut it a little fine, with less than 36 hours until the Bells waiting period, but all of the wildcards/replacements have been announced and an updated forecast is in the bag; it’s time to ring this fantasy Bell… Conditions Analysing the conditions means having one eye on the forecast; … Full

Bells Beach Sortable Data

Bells is only days away and, with the QuikPro a distant (and, for some of us, painful) memory, it’s a great opportunity to tweak those teams into something resembling more Sci-Phi than Banana Board. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to … Full

QuikPro Sortable Data

With less than a week until the 2016 season kicks off, it’s time to look at the numbers. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to wade your way through the selection process. We must however reiterate the fact from our previous … Full

The Fantasy Wash Up: Post Pipeline Recap

I’ve hesitated to write this article for a couple of days.  Part of the delay had to do with the craziness of this time of year,  but motivation was also lacking due to my disappointment at Mick’s loss.  As a writer/commentator I try to limit my biases (except towards the 8 … Full

Pipe Masters Fantasy Research Tools

Enjoy our Fantasy Research Tools for the Billabong Pipe Masters!  Including Conditions AHS and Fantasy Surfer Pts/$ Tables.  With plenty of time until December 8th,  there’s no excuse for losing! Join our Surf-Stats Clubhouse (Password: fantasy)  and try to beat our projections-based  Numbers Team  for the Pipe Fantasy Championship Title and $10 … Full