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Contest Analysis – Rio 2016

Does anyone remember a time when the Brazilian CT event was held later in the year; wedged between the fickle Mudaka contest and the deservedly hyped Triple Crown circus? Back then, there was a period in his career when Slater would avoid the Brazilian leg if he believed that he … Full

Notas de um Surfista do Pico

SS: Fale um pouco sobre você FP: Fala galera, meu nome é Francisco Pimentel, sou cientista da computação, de recife e tenho o surf como esporte favorito para praticar e acompanhar. Gosto de buscar dados dos surfistas online para alimentar meus programas de computador e prever os surfistas que irão … Full

Notes From the Line-Up – Rio

As the picture above implies, the tour is no longer being held at heaving West-Australian reef breaks. Our new destination – Grumari, Brazil – brings with it a new set of conditions and a fresh slate for surfers to prove themselves. We spoke to the founder of Fantasy Surfing Tips … Full

Margaret River Sortable Data

Here are the updated numbers for the Margaret River Pro. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to wade your way through the selection process. We stress (again) that our 2016 data projections only take the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and, with … Full

Contest Analysis – Bells Beach 2016

We’ve cut it a little fine, with less than 36 hours until the Bells waiting period, but all of the wildcards/replacements have been announced and an updated forecast is in the bag; it’s time to ring this fantasy Bell… Conditions Analysing the conditions means having one eye on the forecast; … Full

Bells Beach Sortable Data

Bells is only days away and, with the QuikPro a distant (and, for some of us, painful) memory, it’s a great opportunity to tweak those teams into something resembling more Sci-Phi than Banana Board. Below you will find a range of data fields that you can manipulate in order to … Full