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Event Preview – Margaret River

Bali Wash-Up With such a tight turn-around, this was always going to be a squeeze. We’ll drop some Bali knowledge once our Margies stuff is set. Watch this space. Margaret River Conditions The WSL have plenty of venue guides, such as here, or the Ben Mondy overview of the place here. There’s also a detailed … Read more

Wash-Up – Bali Pro(tected)

Contest Wash-Up The Bali Pro was a bit of a slow-burner; it started off with maxed-out morning sessions followed by onshore breezes and delayed rounds. Meanwhile, Cloudbreak was gaining the surfing world’s full and undivided attention while crazy people rode liquid death-traps. To be honest, it was hard to get excited. Even guys like Albee … Read more

Wash-Up – Rio Pro 2018

Contest Wash-Up The lead-up to Rio was a little undercooked, to put it mildly. The Founders Cup had just finished, and the surfing world was almost universally under-whelmed with pool wave contests. It turns out that most surfers actually wanted the unpredictable imperfection of the contests about which we so often complained. We were happy … Read more

The Wash-up – Bells 2018

  Contest Wash-Up Julian who? The Gold Coast seems like a lifetime ago. Maybe time went so slowly because the first few rounds were so pedestrian. I was growing weary of the 2-hits-out-the-back, 3-cutbacks-through-the-trough, safety-tag-the-end-section Bells bowl monotony. Nobody seemed inspired enough to take the contest by the balls. It was almost as if everyone … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – QuikPro GC 2018

Contest Wash-Up I’ve learned a lot about myself at this event and through this injury and the birth of my baby girl Olivia. Honestly, watching the birth of my first child gave me unbelievable strength to just suck it up, come down here and do what I needed to do. – Julian Wilson Julian Wilson … Read more

Pipe / Season Wash-Up 2017

Preamble In case you haven’t read the past few articles, Surf-stats will soon merge to become a part of a larger fantasy surfing site, fantasy surf sessions. All of our stats and analysis will be there, as well as the best fantasy game available. We’re in the process of building the site right now, but … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – France 2017

There’s this pervasive philosophy within pro surfing right now that, to win a world title, it’s necessary to ‘surf at 70%’, but I call bullshit. John John buried that approach at Margaret River. Filipe delivered the eulogy in South Africa. Guys like Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson and Jack Freestone have each been mesmerised by the … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – Billabong Pro Tahiti 2017

“All the crumbs make a loaf of bread” – J. Smith, 2017 Rant Is there a more entertaining individual in pro surfing right now than Jordy Smith? I think not. He’s an incredible surfer, yes, but he’s also a world-class claim choreographer, a heart-on-your-sleeve emotional roller-coaster, a universal icon for hair stylists everywhere. And now, … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – Corona Open J-Bay

“That’s the best conditions I’ve ever seen” – Kelly Slater consoling Conner Coffin after his re-surf loss to Jordy Smith.   Rant *I sincerely apologise for the lateness in publishing this piece; my bastard internet providers have some sort of infrastructure issue and are making me wait a week before sending out a technician. This … Read more

Contest Wash-Up – Bells 2017

If you could personify the three Australian events of the WSL tour, and put them on notice regarding their place in the 2018 season, who would you expect to step up to the plate and prove their worth? Which event would you have laid money on to metaphorically catch a 9+ wave in the dying … Read more