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Fantasy Surf Sessions – An Update

Where we're at...

While most of the tour have spent their off-season chasing waves, chasing tail, or chasing a productive training schedule, we've been working hard on our site over at Fantasy Surf Sessions.

We've managed to plot every heat and result from 2013-2018 within the site build, with stats integrated into every surfer profile and event overview. For example, can you guess whose profile page we've sampled below?

Or maybe you can tell which tour event would display this table:

Our data is completely integrated into our fantasy game, and is only a click away at any given point.

We've also tweaked the fantasy game itself, simplifying scoring, allowing for emergency substitutes, and refining our budget structures to ensure that we are offering the best fantasy surfing game in the world.

Where to next?

With our final game build nearing completion, we're moving towards improving the overall quality and interactivity of the site design. During the course of the 2019 season we will be offering:

  • Bigger and better prizes for both season and individual contest winners
  • Private leagues and individual competition options
  • A women's game with complete data integration
  • Quality data analysis and fantasy contest previews
  • Community discussion and chat options

Why not just play the WSL game or Fantasy Surfer?

Why not? Go for it; play everything.

We're confident that our gameplay and features will better those of the other fantasy sites, but we welcome you to have a bet both ways and choose for yourself. This is what we do though; it's not a peripheral interest that we're offering as a token. It's our passion.

Plus we're offering genuine prizes to our players.

And we're also connecting with grass-roots surfing bodies to ensure that a proportion of our profits go directly back into surfing communities.

When can I play?

Soon, young grasshopper.

With a little over 50 days until the season opener at Snapper, we're looking to open trading in early March. Giving you plenty of time to run the numbers, select your team, and hit the ground running.

All that's left to do is sign up, wait for our email confirming the Quikpro as open, and tell your friends; the more players we have, the better the prizes, the more we support grass-roots surfing, and the better the bragging rights.

Balyn McDonald
Balyn grew up on the east coast of Australia, nourishing his passion for surfing through a diet of empty beach breaks, Taylor Steele VHS cassettes and poor amateur competition results. As one of the head writers/analysts for Surf-Stats, he is as comfortable tearing through spreadsheets as he is 6' left-handers.

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