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Contest Metrics – Portugal 2017

Our heat score projections and stats are taken from 2014-2017 WSL contest data.

Some 2017 rookies include data from previous WSL events, but many do not have relevant results in significant categories, including data for this particular venue. Their modelling is much less reliable and they may have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by a small sample size.

You may notice a few new categories in our stats, such as winning % for the season as well as the number of heats surfed by each surfer in the event since 2014.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t rely on our projections alone; we suggest that you check the forecast, sort through the particular conditions data that you deem most relevant and pick out a team that you feel matches.

*The wildcards’ data has been added, but they have not been seeded into our projections due to their limited data.


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