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Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal Projections

*Please note that wildcard Frederico Morais’ data is based purely on his scores from the 2015 Portugal contest (in which he was a quarterfinalist) and his AHS for the 2016 QS season. His projections are not entirely reliable for this reason.

This data takes the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the projections. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by this season’s results and having no previous experience at this event.

Don’t just rely on our projections; we suggest that you sort through the columns yourselves and pick out the elements that you believe to be of most importance. Remember, this data is only from 2014/15/16.

Our full Portugal event article will be up soon. Until then, have fun playing with your teams, and don’t forget to sign up to our WSL Surf-Stats group (password – SS) or the Fantasy Surfer Surf-Stats clubhouse (password – SS).

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