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JBay Sortable Data

Below you will find a selection of sortable data to manipulate while selecting your JBay team.

This data takes the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to 2016 form within the projections. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by this season's results and having no previous experience at this event. Choose rookies (and Banting - injured in 2015) with caution.

Don't just rely on our projections; we suggest that you sort through the columns yourselves and pick out the elements that you believe to be of most importance. Remember, this data is only from 2014/15/16.

We have also included the graphic to show the results from R5 onwards for the previous 4 JBay contests. We have supported this with our own 'select' table of surfers' history at the event to give a more detailed overview. Note the winner of the 2015 event, the missing data from the 2012/13 seasons and the different contest format for the 2010 season.

We will post some Fantasy Surfer data on this page in the next 48 hours, as well as our major JBay article in less than a week. We also have another 'Notes From the Line-Up' interview planned with a JBay local to give you a heads-up on who's wearing a shark leash and/or killing the warm-up sessions. Until then, have fun playing with your teams, and don't forget to sign up to our WSL Surf-Stats group (password - SS) or the Fantasy Surfer Surf-Stats clubhouse (password – SS).

JBay Sortable Data

NAMEProj AHSEATPEAHS2016 AHSOverall AHS1-4'4-6'6-8'PointsRightsProj Total
Mick Fanning14.83128.115.8115.0514.0815.7613.1714.0215.4115.34142.38
Gabriel Medina14.2987.8714.3314.6814.114.6514.5213.8214.3613.9137.22
Joel Parkinson14.2283.7115.0814.813.5513.6414.7212.8814.6414.45109.5
Kelly Slater13.779.8215.2913.4713.8113.1413.5912.9913.7713.51105.47
John John Florence13.7318.9210.8715.1114.3213.6313.614.1213.8914.3386.51
Italo Ferreira13.6239.3213.1113.6113.3314.0913.7313.5313.7413.8485.81
Adriano De Souza13.4380.5912.6413.3213.3613.4213.4713.5713.9313.7284.6
Taj Burrow13.2251.4711.851412.6914.4511.8214.4613.1913.383.29
Jordy Smith13.1831.4911.7213.9312.5313.3513.3112.4914.1713.9265.88
Julian Wilson12.9582.0414.1811.6612.2112.2912.8214.0712.6613.7364.76
Kai Otton12.4866.3614.3112.1311.8711.7812.3811.6412.9712.7762.4
Adrian Buchan12.6573.8913.3813.412.0510.4713.4413.3812.7812.3463.27
Kolohe Andino12.7555.0312.6813.6912.2312.6413.6911.4613.1512.4548.44
Sebastian Zietz12.5731.2412.2213.5112.1512.211.9613.0312.6812.7747.75
Nat Young12.8247.3611.5213.7412.7912.812.4712.7213.2413.3248.73
Conner Coffin12.5911.7812.1311.5812.5512.2813.913.947.84
Jeremy Flores12.489.939.9313.5812.5413.7912.8412.6612.1412.3847.43
Wiggolly Dantas12.8668.1713.6313.5211.4813.7811.0811.4314.0313.9748.89
Matt Wilkinson12.5274.2714.4313.0911.5712.8212.429.1913.7512.9334.75
Filipe Toledo12.8226.810.5212.7412.5814.1814.059.9414.2914.2535.57
Stuart Kennedy12.5911.8511.8513.4412.3311.8913.413.434.95
Jack Freestone12.8412.512.8713.0713.2612.6812.6835.63
Jadson Andre12.2328.1414.0712.1911.6811.7612.6410.8512.5812.0833.94
Ryan Callinan12.3712.4612.8413.3211.3413.5211.5511.5534.32
Michel Bourez11.9956.1912.6211.8111.2511.6911.3811.291312.8621.58
Josh Kerr12.1952.8912.0212.631213.9311.8511.5511.9611.5621.94
Miguel Pupo11.6628.9411.3911.5711.1112.1411.6410.2112.7612.4220.98
Alejo Muniz11.8180.0212.5710.7910.6413.8110.9310.8212.9511.9521.25
Caio Ibelli11.8311.811.6511.8311.7711.5212.212.0821.3
Davey Cathels11.8811.3612.1413.510.7211.7511.8411.8421.38
Adam Melling11.4633.8210.3911.6611.111111.361311.6611.4819.48
Dusty Payne11.9925.312.6512.2510.7912.5612.1810.7212.6812.0920.38
Kanoa Igarashi11.4311.3812.612.7810.7511.4110.5610.5619.44
Keanu Asing11.7912.0311.2311.9112.2610.2612.851220.04
Matt Banting11.5110.9211.3111.8611.7810.8212.2611.6519.58
Alex Ribeiro8.729.117.888.626.449.349.839.8314.83
AHS = average heat score, EATP = event average total points (WSL game), EAHS = event average heat score, 1-4' = heat average in waves of 1-4' size, 4-6' = heat average in waves of 4-6' size, 6-8' = heat average in waves of 6-8' size, POINTS = average heat score in conditions offering point break waves, RIGHTS = average heat score in conditions offering right-hander waves, PROJ SCORE = total projected score for the event (WSL game)


JBay Fantasy Surfer Data

Name$ ValueProj AHSProj Score$/point
Mick Fanning975000014.8325039000
Gabriel Medina1150000014.2917565714
Joel Parkinson550000014.2215136424
John John Florence800000013.7315053333
Kelly Slater550000013.7012842969
Italo Ferreira925000013.6212772835
Adriano De Souza1175000013.4312693254
Jordy Smith650000013.1812552000
Julian Wilson750000012.9510372816
Wiggolly Dantas575000012.8610256373
Jack Freestone350000012.8410134653
Nat Young700000012.8210070000
Filipe Toledo875000012.8286101744
Kolohe Andino350000012.758541176
Adrian Buchan575000012.658468452
Stuart Kennedy150000012.598318072
Conner Coffin325000012.598239634
Sebastian Zietz150000012.578118519
Matt Wilkinson800000012.5280100000
Jeremy Flores550000012.487969620
Kai Otton300000012.487838462
Ryan Callinan300000012.377738961
Jadson Andre350000012.237646053
Josh Kerr525000012.197570000
Dusty Payne150000011.994731915
Michel Bourez550000011.9946119565
Davey Cathels325000011.884572222
Caio Ibelli500000011.8344113636
Alejo Muniz375000011.814387209
Keanu Asing325000011.794277381
Miguel Pupo425000011.6641103659
Matt Banting375000011.514093750
Adam Melling150000011.463938462
Kanoa Igarashi450000011.4338118421
Alex Ribeiro30000008.723781081


JBay Prev Winners

JBay Event History

Mick Fanning81083.7529.757.44
Jordy Smith1.751.75101023.55.88
Gabriel Medina5.
Alejo Muniz5.
Julian Wilson81.755.214.954.98
Ace Buchan6.51.756.53.7518.54.63
Kelly Slater6.55.21.7513.454.48
Adriano de Souza5.25.21.755.2517.44.35
Joel Parkinson1.7586.50.516.754.19
Adam Melling1.751.754815.53.88
Josh Kerr1.7545.210.953.65
Matt Wilkinson1.756.51.753.7513.753.44
John John Florence1.751.751.75
Filipe Toledo1.750.52.251.13
Round / Placing / Value:
Final (win) / 1st / 10
Final (lose) / 2nd / 8
Semis / 3rd / 6.5
Quarters / 5th / 5.2
R5 / 9th / 4
R3 / 13th / 1.75
R2 / 25th / 0.5
Empty field value denotes injury absence or surfer not on tour
^ = no event winner due to shark incident
* = old ASP 48-man event format


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