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Fiji Pro Sortable Data

Here are the projected values for the Fiji Pro. Below you will find more than enough data to manipulate in order to tweak your team through the selection process.

These data projections take the 2014/2015/2016 results into consideration and give a slight weighting to current 2016 form within the context of overall projected scores. Many of the less experienced surfers (less reliable data) have skewed projections due to their averages being heavily influenced by this season's results and having no experience at this event before. Choose rookies with caution.

We were surprised at Wilko's low projections, so we ran a little table showing the most successful surfers at Fiji over the past 4 years and compared them using quantitative values. We then compared these values to those of  Wilko over the same period; the numbers speak for themselves.

We suggest that you sort through the columns yourselves and pick out the elements that you believe to be of most importance.

The Fantasy Surfer projections offer each surfer's current value, projected AHS, projected FS points (based on our modelling) and a price-per-point value (lower FS $/P = better value).

We will post our major Fiji article in a few days analysing these stats within a broader context and offering some insights into team selection. We also have a great 'Notes From the Line-Up' interview planned with a Fiji local. Until then, have fun playing with your teams, and don't forget to sign up to our WSL Surf-Stats group (password - SS) or the Fantasy Surfer Surf-Stats clubhouse (password – SS).

2016 Fiji Pro Sortable Data

NAMEProj AHSEATPEAHSOverall AHS2016 AHS4-6'6-8'8-10'+ReefLeftProj Total
Gabriel Medina13.1887.6715.5914.1514.8414.5913.8815.5114.3615.66126.49
Mick Fanning12.0975.6913.3715.315.313.2914.2813.5411.9911.76116.08
John John Florence12.0576.9812.4614.3515.2213.7214.4911.6614.2212.3692.81
Joel Parkinson11.9579.4713.6313.5514.814.7212.8812.6313.411.9492.02
Kelly Slater11.8779.2114.1213.4612.4213.1912.2814.213.2713.9174.79
Italo Ferreira11.8286.2413.5113.3913.7213.7713.6411.7913.6712.8974.46
Adriano De Souza11.6262.5413.4413.4913.7213.5413.712.8513.1710.7173.23
Jeremy Flores11.5775.1513.7512.6213.8112.9712.7311.214.0513.0272.9
Julian Wilson11.2777.813.3912.3312.0313.0814.0710.4613.6812.4356.37
Taj Burrow11.2276.5412.1712.613.7311.6913.9812.5213.7910.4756.08
Kai Otton11.1263.113.2611.9512.3612.6311.6413.5711.8812.7955.59
Kolohe Andino10.9668.2613.4512.113.2913.6711.4610.4512.1612.0554.79
Sebastian Zietz10.938.3910.8512.3113.9912.1213.0310.4613.5511.8341.44
Kanoa Igarashi10.8713.0512.2711.1814.3914.3141.29
Conner Coffin10.7912.6212.7613.7413.6511.9540.98
Nat Young10.7280.3413.7612.9114.1212.6312.728.911.999.4540.74
Jordy Smith10.5644.2314.7812.5113.8813.2312.679.9410.817.1940.11
Filipe Toledo10.5145.5411.1213.0214.0414.1111.658.2111.7110.7539.95
Adrian Buchan10.540.612.4711.9613.1413.413.337.7511.810.6229.13
Adam Melling10.3868.7313.7511.2312.0311.3213.458.8511.9210.928.82
Ryan Callinan10.1512.7412.2510.3413.5212.0728.18
Caio Ibelli10.1311.7712.0511.9311.5213.5228.12
Stuart Kennedy10.0212.1212.1212.7811.8911.2427.82
Jack Freestone9.9613.1112.9813.7427.63
Matt Banting9.9323.4311.7211.6111.8111.8811.987.1711.4811.7217.87
Wiggolly Dantas9.9252.5910.6411.6213.9310.9412.266.3812.6410.8617.85
Alejo Muniz9.8838.2111.7510.6710.8910.3111.2910.811.0912.1417.79
Josh Kerr9.8320.5410.2711.9712.5311.6411.678.7711.699.9817.7
Davey Cathels9.7912.3911.8611.0111.7511.7517.62
Jadson Andre9.7434.212.4311.5711.8612.3711.239.579.169.4517.53
Michel Bourez9.6747.113.2611.512.5511.4213.58.389.726.716.44
Miguel Pupo9.5721.4510.7311.0311.3211.4710.3510.9110.449.8416.26
Dusty Payne9.2419.99.9510.9612.7512.1911.325.6711.438.915.71
Matt Wilkinson9.1219.979.9911.5813.1312.498.710.399.096.7215.51
Keanu Asing8.738.9311.2312.0412.1710.425.869.648.2514.84
Alex Ribeiro6.987.798.926.719.349.1311.87
AHS = average heat score, EATP = event average total points (WSL game), EAHS = event average heat score, 4-6' = heat average in waves of 4-6' size, 6-8' = heat average in waves of 6-8' size, 8-10'+ = heat average in waves of 8-10'+ size, LEFT = average heat score in conditions offering left-hander waves, Reef = average heat score in reef breaks, PROJ SCORE = total projected score for the event (WSL game)


Fiji Pro Fantasy Surfer Data

Name$ ValueProj AHSProj Score$/point
Gabriel Medina1050000013.1825042000
Mick Fanning925000012.0917552857
John John Florence750000012.0515149669
Joel Parkinson650000011.9515043333
Kelly Slater475000011.8712837109
Italo Ferreira975000011.8212776772
Adriano De Souza1150000011.6212691270
Jeremy Flores575000011.5712546000
Julian Wilson850000011.2710382524
Taj Burrow400000011.2210239216
Kai Otton350000011.1210134653
Kolohe Andino400000010.9610040000
Sebastian Zietz150000010.908617442
Kanoa Igarashi425000010.878550000
Conner Coffin300000010.798435714
Nat Young800000010.728396386
Jordy Smith675000010.568282317
Filipe Toledo925000010.5181114198
Adrian Buchan500000010.508062500
Adam Melling150000010.387918987
Ryan Callinan325000010.157841667
Caio Ibelli575000010.137774675
Stuart Kennedy150000010.027619737
Jack Freestone40000009.967553333
Matt Banting35000009.934774468
Wiggolly Dantas52500009.9246114130
Alejo Muniz35000009.884577778
Josh Kerr47500009.8344107955
Davey Cathels37500009.794387209
Jadson Andre30000009.744271429
Michel Bourez52500009.6741128049
Miguel Pupo40000009.5740100000
Matt Wilkinson70000009.1239179487
Keanu Asing70000008.7038184211
Alex Ribeiro30000006.983781081


fiji event history

Kelly Slater10105.2429.27.3
Mick Fanning6.585.2423.75.92
John John Florence5.
Gabriel Medina80.5101.7520.255.06
Taj Burrow5.2446.519.74.93
Joel Parkinson45.
Nat Young481.7513.754.58
Julian Wilson5.21.751.75816.74.18
Jeremy Flores1.7541.756.5143.5
Kolohe Andino0.546.51.7512.753.19
Adriano de Souza5.
Jordy Smith1.755.21.758.72.9
Kai Otton1.751.751.755.210.452.61
Matt Wilkinson0.50.51.750.53.250.81
Round Placing Value
Final (win) 1st 10
Final (lose) 2nd 8
Semi =3rd 6.5
Quarters =5th 5.2
R5 =9th 4
R3 =13th 1.75
R2 =25th 0.5

*empty field value denotes injury absence or surfer not on tour
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