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A Farewell to Surf-Stats

Dear Surf-Stats Readers,

I want to say thank you for all your help in growing Surf-Stats into what it's become.  This last year has been a wonderful journey,  one which has proven the desire for more within the surf community.  I founded Surf-Stats on the belief that fans have been dissatisfied with the availability of statistics and historic reference in this space.   The goal was to forge a new path in the growing world of sports data,  hoping that surfers and fantasy surf players alike would support the movement - and you have done so assertively.

Together,  we have all made our voice heard;  we want more.  More stats,  more data,  more analysis and more content around the sport we love and its fantasy counterparts.  We want to put surfing on the same stage as other major global sports and we are making it happen.

I have been propositioned to work at the World Surf League,  and though it is with a heavy heart that I leave Surf-Stats behind,  I have accepted their offer.  I will now be working to improve their statistics availability,  historic records and - most importantly - the WSL fantasy game.  Call it what you will,  I'm sure some will opine that this constitutes as "selling out."  You're entitled to that,  but this represents an opportunity to bring everything we as fans have wanted to see implemented,  and on the biggest stage.  I am certain the next few years will boast a dramatic increase in Surf-Stats values represented at the WSL.

This as a victory for fantasy surfing fans and stats analysis fiends everywhere.  We are going to fill the void and it is thanks to your demand in numbers.  While I am personally leaving Surf-Stats,  the ship here is not sinking.  I leave it in the hands our esteemed contributors and absolutely recommend that you stick around for 2016.  Surf-Stats will always bear true,  uncensored and concrete data targeted directly to you,  the fantasy surfing community.

My goal at WSL is to create a fantasy product with the players in mind.  If you have any comments,  suggestions,  or features you would like to see implemented,  you now have a man on the inside.  Please feel forever free to email me your thoughts at,  as I will be doing everything I can to build a game for you,  the fans.

Thank you all for a magnificent year,  one full of tremendous fantasy conversation and interaction.  As incredible as 2015 was,  I'm even more excited for the future and all the promise it holds.  We did it.


See You on the Other Side,



Michael Jordan

Founder, Former CEO

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Founder, Former CEO at Surf Stats LLC
Surf Stats LLC Founder and Former CEO, accredited writer with the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, former Editor-in-Chief and author at

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  1. Kinda sad for the site and happy for you. At least we are sure that WSL will have an upgrade on quality and stats analisys.

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