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Pipe Invitational Trials

More than a few of you have asked for details regarding the Pipe Invitational (AKA Pipe Masters Trials).  Here are some quick facts to help you understand how it works and why they won't be able to run the Masters on the same day.

Pipe Invitational Quick Facts

  • $100,000 total prize purse ($10,000 1st place,  $2,000 last place)
  • 1st and 2nd place awarded Wildcard entries to the Billabong Pipe Masters
  • 32-man field
  • 4 Rounds (R1, QF, SF, F)
  • No Byes
  • Round to round seeding determined by Heat place only
  • 4-man Heats of 30 minutes (Final = 35 minutes)
  • Must be completed prior to the Pipe Masters

The Field

The competitor field is determined as the following:

  • Top 5 Hawaiians on the QS
  • Top 16 from Volcom Pipe Pro earlier in year (January QS)
  • Top 5 Hawaiian Regional Rankings
  • 2 Vans seeds
  • 4 Billabong seeds

Here are the statistics from last year's Pipe Invitational: 

2014 Pipe Invitational Stats

NameAHSPointsPlaceHigh Heat
Alex Smith6.676.67166.67
Billy Kemper5.65.6165.6
Danny Fuller13131613
Dylan Goodale6.266.26166.26
Ezekiel Lau6.7320.259.04
Gavin Gillette3.673.67163.67
Granger Larsen1.91.9161.9
Hank Gaskell8.4133.64415.5
Ian Walsh5.075.07165.07
Isaiah Moniz5.1210.2496.67
Jack Robinson9.4218.83913.5
Jamie O'Brien11.3545.4318.4
Joel Centeio7.8815.76914.73
Joshua Moniz4.144.14164.14
Kai Barger6.1818.5457.93
Kaimana Jaquias1.91.9161.9
Kaito Kino10.3410.341610.34
Kalani Chapman4.228.4496.1
Kalani David6.176.17166.17
Keanu Asing1.831.83161.83
Kiron Jabour4.674.67164.67
Landon McNamara5.6817.0398.27
Makai McNamara8.8835.52212.1
Mason Ho4.398.7797.64
Nathan Florence3.633.63163.63
Olamana Eleogram44164
Pancho Sullivan2.632.63162.63
Reef McIntosh8.1732.69112.6
Seth Moniz5.4710.9497.1
Shane Dorian5.0910.1796.17
Sunny Garcia4.534.53164.53
Tanner hendrickson3.36.5995.26
Average Heat Score, Total Points, Finishing Place and High Heat Score from the 2014 Pipe Invitational 2014's winners were Reef McIntosh (1st) and Makai McNamara (2nd) - both eliminated in R2 of the Masters.  They emerged from an all-Hawaiian Finals.

Here's the 2015 Heat Draw:

R1 features 8 x .5hr Heats for a total of 4 hours.  The QF are 4 x .5hr Heats at 2 hours,  SF are 1 hour and the Final is 35 minutes.  Considering they run non-stop with no Heat restarts,  the entire trials is 7 hours and 35 minutes of competition.  While that's an entirely feasible load for one day,  tomorrow offers Oahu only 10 hours and 52 total minutes of daylight.  The World Surf League is only permitted to run 4 days out of the entire waiting period (8th-20th December) - this means that they won't be able to run a half day and still complete all necessary Heats for the Masters.

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